SourceWeb Partnership

Become a partner and benefit from participation over 7 levels!

Participation in the share issue

You also receive full participation in the initial issue of shares.

About us

SourceWeb® is a multinational company that is active in various sectors, including:


SourceWeb Informatics develops software solutions for companies and operates several server farms and offers cloud solutions.

Medical products

SourceWeb Medical is very successful in the import, export and trade of medical products and personal protective equipment.

Retail trade

Trade in a variety of products of all kinds, as well as products for daily use.

Debt collection

International collection of outstanding and due receivables.

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High participation

As a partner, you receive a very high share of all sales generated by your customers and your partners' customers.

Price gains

As a partner, you receive shares of the SourceWeb Group. This gives you profits through growing market value.

Dividend payments

As a shareholder, you will receive regular dividend payments, but at least once per calendar year.

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Partner packages

Basic Plan
$ 100
50 Shares / 4 Levels

Compensation plan:

1st level: 20%
2nd level: 10%
3rd level: 5%
4th level: 2%
Premium Plan
$ 200
100 Shares / 7 Levels

Compensation plan:

1st level: 20%
2nd level: 10%
3rd level: 5%
4th level: 2%
5th level: 1%
6th level: 5%
7th level: 7%

Payment cards

Reserve a SourceWeb® debit card and you can receive commissions, dividends and profits from stock sales directly to that debit card.

Coming winter 2024

We are currently working on implementing the debit card and obtaining the e-money license. The implementation is expected to be completed in winter 2024 so that the payment cards can then be sent out.

Can be used worldwide

The SourceWeb payment cards can be used in millions of stores and online stores worldwide.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

The payment cards can also be stored in the smartphone wallet and can then simply be used via cell phone.

One time fee ($ 20.00)

The reservation is free of charge. The card will only cost a one-off fee of $ 20.00 for the entire term after it has been issued.